2008-07-28 - Late

Well, it's about time I solicit a little volunteer help. If you'd like to see the new stuff, head on over to http://www.campbartlett.com and scope things out.
You have to sign up before you can do much. Unfortunately the website has a different signin than the forums. I haven't found a way around that yet and will probably have to do a little coding. We'll see. Let me know what you think.

2008-07-20 - Updates

I'm a little behind schedule, but things are coming along. Here's what we have:

Looks like the new launching date for the site will be 2008-08-20. It's going to be cool.

2008-04-25 Important news

Plans are underway for a new Bartlett site. This one will actually rock and will be focused around the Bartlett community. There are plans for picture galleries and blogs, the whole site will be re-designed. It will be for staff and scouts alike to share their experiences.

Here's the time line:
2008-05-20: Alpha site launched. The site software will be picked, installed, and testing will begin on functionality. Site look and feel will be basic, and will continue to be refined.

2008-06-20: Beta site launched. The site look and feel will be fairly finished. Core site functionality will exist and refinements will commence. A limited number of testers will be allowed to sign up and help flush out any last bugs.

2008-07-20: The complete site will be launched and the public will be invited to participate. This will be a fantastic place to collect photos and stories from all of our experiences at this wonderful camp.

Any questions should be directed me, Morgan, at moondog_13 at hotmail dot com Please be sure to put something like 'Bartlett' in the subject else I may not even open it.

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Morgan, your guide

Welcome to Bartlett! I am Morgan, your guide for camp. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them at

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